The Royal Boys Choir The Royal Boys Choir

Part 4: The Reveal

Part 4 - The Reveal


I was excited about our final performance but I was really nervous too. We were all sitting in the back of the church waiting for the performance to begin and you could see everyone was nervous. This was very different for me. I never considered myself a singer and definitely not a dancer but here I was about to do both in front of hundreds of people. We are lined up and then the music starts. We walk out and all eyes are on us. The song "Royal" starts and the entire atmosphere changes. I became excited about whatever was about to happen to all of us. I was so glad I stuck with the Choir. Thinking back to the beginning of the year, I would have never imagined this is where we would be now. I felt like everything that happened placed us here for a reason. Something none of us had planned. Not even Mr. V.


We performed all the songs and I was excited. We were all sitting on the front row now when the final video appeared on the screens. It started with pictures from all of our performances over the year. I broke out crying. It was so bad that my mom had to come sit next to me to calm me down but she was crying too. She had to take me out to calm me down. When I returned all the other boys were crying. The video was coming to a close when appeared on the screen, "When one door closes..." and then "another opens." We all were looking at the screen with tears in our eyes. Then it said "introducing", and surrounded by glowing clouds appeared "The Royal Boys Choir". When the video faded, Mr. V walked up on stage, looked at us, and began to cry. Whatever was happening had gotten to all of us. A feeling I can't really explain.


After the performance my cousin got up to speak about the new choir and he said it would be opened for boys throughout the city to join. I definitely have to be apart of this. A few days later he announced the audition date. I was excited and nervous.

For the audition, all the original boys were there and that made me even more nervous. When I walked in they looked at me and asked Mr. V "Is that the cousin you been talking about?" He nodded his head. I'm thinking "Wait, What?!" What did he tell them about me? That made me even MORE nervous.

After we learned the song and dance, we had to sing alone for Mr. V. I relaxed a little since the others were not there for this part. I started to sing and after the first chorus Mr. V stopped me. He looked at me, shook his head, grinned, and said "Vince, Vince, Vince." Now, I am Royal.