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Part 2: The Messenger

Part 2 - The Messenger

Miller McCoy had been struggling for a few years to improve academics and the culture of the school. In its 7 years of existence there had been 9 principals. With a new campus rising up right next to the trailers we were currently in, we were trying to ensure that we would get to see the inside. But grades were not improving. Behavior was like none I've ever seen, and on returning from the Christmas break we were informed that the school would be shutting down at the end of the year. So here I am with a choir so unique and flooding with potential, and it was all about to come to an end. I believe all things happen for a reason so I began to wonder why God had me come here just for one year. I prayed and asked God to guide me.

As reality started to set in, I began to look for other places to work. The school was becoming a zoo. Choir started to lose it's spark. I just couldn't end the year like this. All of a sudden I remember the pastor from the Youth Summit telling me the city needed to be singing that song. These boys know nothing about recording. This will never work. But I decided I had nothing to lose. I brought in my recording equipment and we began recording "No More." When I got home I finished mixing the tracks and listened to what I had. Tears began falling from my eyes. I could not believe it. It was as if I was hearing the song for the first time. The next day I brought it to school to let the boys hear. They began jumping around the room with excitement. The spark was back.

I began writing other songs, and the boys recorded a few more tracks. I decided to email the song "No More" to a local news station. Thinking I had a slim chance of being contacted, I was wrong. I was contacted by news anchor LaTonya Norton the next day and was told they wanted to do a story on the choir and the school's closing. I was really surprised that they were so eager to do this story. In my head I'm thinking "God, what are you up to?" The news team came to the school a couple days after the call to do the story. After a few interviews the choir sang "No More" and by the end of the song LaTonya was singing along. She loved the song and it's message. She asked if they could receive a copy. I gladly gave her a copy thinking it was just for the story, but I was wrong. God was working.

Later that night I was sitting at home with many different feelings. Excited about the choir being featured on the news, nervous about how my interview turned out, saddened by the thought of the choir coming to an end, and confused about what God was doing. I began to pray, asking God what he would have me to do. The thought of continuing the choir after the school closed entered my mind, but I had strong doubts that it would work out. How would I even go about doing that. So I asked God to let his will be done. Before I could dismiss the thought from my mind, my phone rang. It was LaTonya Norton.

What was this about? I was shocked to be receiving this call. LaTonya sounded different from when I had spoken with her early. Something had happened. She told me that she had been listening to the song over and over. She expressed that she had been crying then singing then crying again. She said when her heart is moved she can't sit still. Then she asked "What do you plan to do with the choir once the school closes?" Now just a few minutes ago I was asking God what should I do, and then this. Her question was the answer I needed. I told her I was considering continuing the choir, and she said that is what she feels in her heart should happen. I spoke with my dad about the call and he said that was God giving me my answer.

I started getting plans and ideas together for the continuation of the choir and I was excited. But something strange happened. One night I was sitting at home with my fiancée watching TV and I felt a strong pull on my heart. I got up walked around a bit and ended up at the piano. I played two chords and sang five words, "If You Can Use Me". I backed up from the piano and burst into tears and could not control it. What in the world was this?